Syringe Exchange (also known as needle exchange)

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By providing access to safe injection supplies and education, syringe exchange programs can:

  • Reduce the risk of fatal overdose.
  • Reduce the risk and spread of HIV infection.
  • Reduce the risk and spread of Hepatitis C.
  • Connect people to long-term treatment and recovery.

Syringe Exchange Programs in Los Angeles County

Call to find out hours and days of operation.

Asian American Drug Abuse Program

(Compton, Lawndale & Lynwood)
424 311 5799

Beinestar Human Services

(Los Angeles)
866 590 6411

Homeless Health Care, Los Angeles

(Los Angeles)
213 617 8404

L.A. Community Health Project

(Los Angeles & Watts)
213 483 5366

Tarzana Treatment Center

818 342 5897

Venice Family Clinic

310 314 5480